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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eye Lift Serum -Tip of the Century

OMG, I have found the "Temporary Fountain of Youth". Well at most it will take 10 years off your face.
Being a Makeup Artist I have always looked after my skin and have been willing to try everything, becoming my own guinea pig so to speak. After all I use alot of products on peoples skin and I want to know whats in it, how it reacts to different skins and make them look amazing
at the same time.
It was about 10 years ago and I was doing a film and I had to make the actor younger and older. Well my immediate reaction was to use a lifting serum. Lets cut to the end of the story.........
I did use a lifting serum after many products tried and tested and it did work for the film, BUT I found that all the serums I came across always left a film, tightened look to the eye area - ALMOST FAKE looking. This I hated and even though I have used this technique again and again I was never satisfied.
Now 10 years has flown by and even though my skin is in great condition, IT AIN'T WHAT IT USE TO BE to be completely honest. Turning 50 too soooooonnnnnnnnn!ouch!
I even started doing my research on a 'Freshen Up' so to speak this year to turn time alittle. Not too much as we dont want people to know DO WE. Or look rediculous....... LOL
I was at home and I saw an advert on TV - you know those info-mercials we love to hate,but still watch.
The ad was for 'California Beauty' - Lifting Serum. I watched the before and afters and thought 'Oh yeah....what ever' - well there was a double pack on offer for $49.95 so I thought that's not too much I will order it and give it ago.
SHAZAMMMMMMMMM- this stuff actually works and it does NOT leave a film on the area and it does not dry unnaturally and it DOES take 10 years off. You can even put it over makeup.
I just had to put this out there and let all my MALE and FEMALE friends know that there is a god and its in this little bottle of inexpensive Serum.
To make it even more interesting I had mentioned to a friend that I was looking at a 'Little Freshen Up' - cosmetic surgery in other words. When she saw me about a month later she didn't say anything at first and then I told her about the serum and her response was ' I thought your face and skin looked younger but I could not put my finger on what you had done and didn't want to ask' - how cute!
Yeah, I spent $49.95 and saved $4500 on that eye lift I was booking myself into.
The only disappointing thing about this product is when I cleanse at night - I'm back to 10 years older, maybe I will have to save for the real thing in years to come but for now I'm hooked on this serum.


  1. you look great with out it you never look a yaer over thirty when ever i see you..... action

  2. Sounds great Kim, going to give it a go, and invest in looking a bit younger, I'll just turn the lights off when I take it off.
    cheers Pam

  3. You wont be disappointed, and its affordable to everyone. Would be cool to hear your results. Let me know .Kym

  4. Kym SAYS :For Anna :Notes for Eye Serum, I am not sure what your up to Anna but here is a quick tip for the use of the Serum.
    Cleanse and tone your face, apply to the eye area with the roller ball and allow to dry, you dont need alot, little is best. Let this dry for about 5 mins ,try not to move the area with movement and then you can moisturize and apply make up straight over it. Although it will last for hours you can re-apply straight over your makeup if you need to.It really does work, it wont take off 20 years and take you back to your tweens but it will smooth out those lines to add a fresh look to your face. Hope this helps, it really does make a difference on my face and I have used it on afew people now with great results. Try again Anna and let me know. Kymmie

  5. Okay Kymmie, I'll try again. I've used a little and a lot, over makeup and on cleansed face. Maybe I have freaky skin!!! Anna

  6. I use this serum on set to minimise under eye bags and wrinkles on actors.
    Starting at 4am is often a nightmare when you have to get a sleepy actor looking as fresh as the day prior - this stuff works well for that. DAZ. XXX

  7. Glad you are finding it a useful tool in your makeup kit Daz, love the 4 am starts.....



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