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A professional working Make Up and Hair Artist for over 20 years in the Film Industry I have ALMOST seen and done it all. Working on such films as 'Lord of the Rings', 'Daybreakers', 'Matrix','George of the Jungle II' 'Scooby Doo', 'House of Wax', 'Aquamarine', 'H2O Just add Water' TV Series to name acouple that are interesting. For the things I am yet to see and do I am saying bring it on. I have the best job in the world and would love to share with interested people some tricks of the trade that I have and will help them in their day to day lives and if your a aspiring Make Up Artist give you advise and answer those questions that come to mind about getting into the industry, resumes, tech tips, and more. This will help being online as I am not always able to take the calls I recieve. Lets get started. Love to hear from you. Movie Data Base: www.imdb.com/name/nm0756608

Saturday, September 25, 2010


OK its time to fill or refill your makeup kits and everyone just wants the best products / deals and
lots of it....me too! We are not talking resale here....... this is for your work kits!
I can only suggest that others  will suggest different things to you, when you are getting started it is best to stick to the well known brands so you don't waste your money on lots of things you hate and will never put on anyone (there are a lot out there trust me I have donated to theatre groups over the years)..

Look as much as we would love to buy locally, the dollar is so good at the moment that buying online from USA is a good move. Our supplies here need to be more proactive with the dollar value, and they would sell more. You know, when its up then lower there prices, when its down etc....food for thought and if you ask maybe you can get a deal from your local supplier based on the dollar on the day. I would ask...after all its a sale for them.
I love Frends and Naimes in the US, and always come home with a suitcase full of new things when I go over. 
We have some great suppliers here, so get online and have fun.
Type in : makeup supplies/au

I will give you some of my favs: local and international
www.barnes.com.au  (for all your Sculpt/Mould/Cast goodies- meet me in store Brisbane from 11 October 2010)

www.kryolancosmetics.com.au  (formerly Backstage Melb)
www.crownbrush.com ( my fav is the Italian Badger Series - so cost effective you can have a set for every actor)

Well these are just afew of my favorites and there are so many others, so happy hunting to either adding to your existing kits or creating a brand new one.
Remember .................
Makeup to love , love to makeup ....................Kym
Let me know if you have any favs and I will add!

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  1. There is a supplier in Brisbane, great products and great prices with an Industry discount. Delivery is really prompt and service is brilliant!
    I have purchased many products from here.


    Love you Kymmie!!!



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H2O Just add Water

H2O Just add Water
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Working on a Film Set
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