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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Running Resin in Silicone Moulds

Hi, sorry for the time away, busy busy busy!
I get asked so often about the life of a silicone mould. Particularly if running Polyurethane Resin, Epoxy or Polyester Resin.
Well we wish that silicone would last forever, but alas.......no ...it does have a 'run life'.
I would make a guess at approx 30-40 runs if your lucky. Sounds good , but we want more out of our moulds as the silicone aint cheap, right?
Well using a release agent is not that necessary with silicone for resins , but you can if you have larger undercuts , hard to get out pieces etc. But the best way to preserve your moulds I have found is to look after them.
Tips for looking after:
1. Washing them out in a tub of warm water with alittle bit of dish liquid and drying out completely afterwards. (Resin HATES moist ....so dry dry dry)
2. My other trick is to dust out the moulds with Talc , just use Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder, make sure the excess is out ...........you will not believe how this will release the surface tension and also assist in getting those bubbles out.
3. One of the most important parts of running Resin in Silicone moulds is to mix the A/B well , if you dont and it does not cure in spots it ruins the moulds.
Hey presto.........a tip and trick to make your silicone moulds last longer.
Happy Casting!  Kym

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