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A professional working Make Up and Hair Artist for over 20 years in the Film Industry I have ALMOST seen and done it all. Working on such films as 'Lord of the Rings', 'Daybreakers', 'Matrix','George of the Jungle II' 'Scooby Doo', 'House of Wax', 'Aquamarine', 'H2O Just add Water' TV Series to name acouple that are interesting. For the things I am yet to see and do I am saying bring it on. I have the best job in the world and would love to share with interested people some tricks of the trade that I have and will help them in their day to day lives and if your a aspiring Make Up Artist give you advise and answer those questions that come to mind about getting into the industry, resumes, tech tips, and more. This will help being online as I am not always able to take the calls I recieve. Lets get started. Love to hear from you. Movie Data Base: www.imdb.com/name/nm0756608

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Removing very sticky Prosthetic Makeup

Ah!!!!!! Removing prosaide.....the clean up process. Can be a nightmare not only for you but for the actor. The answer is eucalyptus. I remember being on LOTRs and we had to get all that prosaide off and after a 14hr+ day the thought of being in the bus for another 2 hrs just made me cry. I suggested to use wool wash as I had had the best results with it before. A discovery by accident or another film. A little resistance was meet as Prosthetic Artists had always used a Isopropal Myrisate blend as a rule. Needless to say I think we ended up buying gallons of the stuff to remove those 'pesky' hobbit feet. We added it to the foot baths for the actors and off it came in half the time. Since then I have still used it and make up my own formulars to make the removal process quick and painless for the actor. Especially now that we are using Transfers more and they are Prosaide based. These pieces are wonderful, realistic and easy to apply, but getting them off is like a pain in the butt. If you dilute some Eucalyptus Oil with either soft soap or water ...hey this works...try it. It is easy on the skin and less rubbing which is what we want if we are applying day after day and need to preserve the actors skin. Obviously avoid the eye area, as you would do with all removers.
My fav brand to buy over the counter is Martha Gardeners Wool Wash as it seems to have the best concentrate of eucalyptus................good luck!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Question from Natalie about accessories

thanks Nat for the question on 'findings'- you can have alook at Sunrise Imports at Brownsplains to
buy the backings and maybe they will have the bobby pin bases your after aswell.
If that fails try looking up local Craft suppliers in your area. Hope this helps. Kym


Cant tell hey...I had the best teeth techs on this one

H2O Just add Water

H2O Just add Water
Making Mermaids Come to Life

Working on a Film Set

Working on a Film Set
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