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A professional working Make Up and Hair Artist for over 20 years in the Film Industry I have ALMOST seen and done it all. Working on such films as 'Lord of the Rings', 'Daybreakers', 'Matrix','George of the Jungle II' 'Scooby Doo', 'House of Wax', 'Aquamarine', 'H2O Just add Water' TV Series to name acouple that are interesting. For the things I am yet to see and do I am saying bring it on. I have the best job in the world and would love to share with interested people some tricks of the trade that I have and will help them in their day to day lives and if your a aspiring Make Up Artist give you advise and answer those questions that come to mind about getting into the industry, resumes, tech tips, and more. This will help being online as I am not always able to take the calls I recieve. Lets get started. Love to hear from you. Movie Data Base: www.imdb.com/name/nm0756608

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lense Tech Training

CHECK OUT THE Lense Tech Training Blog dated 23 Sept 09 for
details of when and where. A must for Special FX makeup artists and
Make Up Artists. Kym

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Makeup Madness - Fangoria - Dec 09

COMING SOON - Issue #289
Hi there , well I'm ageing fast as I wait for the release of 'Daybreakers'. Just when I think that I have almost forgotten the madness, I get another nodge from the past.
This January issue of Fango , is going to be a well anticipated article for me. Even though I was the Make Up/Prosthetic Supervisor on this one, there was always a little mystery to the unfolding onset madness that turns this into the most anticipated film I have done in 20 years.
I am really looking forward to seeing the CGI and practical effects mix. The brilliant world that our Production Designer created for Michael and Peter's vision.
Hey I should take this opportunity to thanks the crew I had on this one, especially the lab boys who keep the humour and craft alive and crazy. As Grant (Lehmann- Workshop Supervisor) said , 'I have never worked on something for such a short time for so little and done so much '.
( I think that was it LOL).
I totally agree and my therapist is more the richer for my experience. This will always remind me of the pressures that these guys where under everyday at our make shift workshop on the lot at Warner Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast , Australia. The amount of work we pumped out of that shed was amazing, the gallons of blood we made and the amazing hair department we had . What a brilliant job they all did. Congrats!
Hey after I read this article , I will let you know what I think, but until then I hope you will be ordering your copy for your - 'Glory Box' - LOL
www.fangoria.com only $14 a copy !
Talk soon............... Kym

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eye Lift Serum -Tip of the Century

OMG, I have found the "Temporary Fountain of Youth". Well at most it will take 10 years off your face.
Being a Makeup Artist I have always looked after my skin and have been willing to try everything, becoming my own guinea pig so to speak. After all I use alot of products on peoples skin and I want to know whats in it, how it reacts to different skins and make them look amazing
at the same time.
It was about 10 years ago and I was doing a film and I had to make the actor younger and older. Well my immediate reaction was to use a lifting serum. Lets cut to the end of the story.........
I did use a lifting serum after many products tried and tested and it did work for the film, BUT I found that all the serums I came across always left a film, tightened look to the eye area - ALMOST FAKE looking. This I hated and even though I have used this technique again and again I was never satisfied.
Now 10 years has flown by and even though my skin is in great condition, IT AIN'T WHAT IT USE TO BE to be completely honest. Turning 50 too soooooonnnnnnnnn!ouch!
I even started doing my research on a 'Freshen Up' so to speak this year to turn time alittle. Not too much as we dont want people to know DO WE. Or look rediculous....... LOL
I was at home and I saw an advert on TV - you know those info-mercials we love to hate,but still watch.
The ad was for 'California Beauty' - Lifting Serum. I watched the before and afters and thought 'Oh yeah....what ever' - well there was a double pack on offer for $49.95 so I thought that's not too much I will order it and give it ago.
SHAZAMMMMMMMMM- this stuff actually works and it does NOT leave a film on the area and it does not dry unnaturally and it DOES take 10 years off. You can even put it over makeup.
I just had to put this out there and let all my MALE and FEMALE friends know that there is a god and its in this little bottle of inexpensive Serum.
To make it even more interesting I had mentioned to a friend that I was looking at a 'Little Freshen Up' - cosmetic surgery in other words. When she saw me about a month later she didn't say anything at first and then I told her about the serum and her response was ' I thought your face and skin looked younger but I could not put my finger on what you had done and didn't want to ask' - how cute!
Yeah, I spent $49.95 and saved $4500 on that eye lift I was booking myself into.
The only disappointing thing about this product is when I cleanse at night - I'm back to 10 years older, maybe I will have to save for the real thing in years to come but for now I'm hooked on this serum.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brush Sponge - Tech Tip

I got an email from a makeup artist who had been onset with me and saw me using my 'Brush Sponge' when applying a prosthetic and now uses the technique. I have used this technique for ever and it makes my application quicker, cleaner and less hassel. For those of you who have worked with me you will know what I am talking about for the rest this is a cool tech tip.
You see it allows you to have powder at the ready at the end of your brush to powder those pesky edges after applying the adhesive. No more turning back to the powder pot and puff and turning back and the edge has rolled ........yuk!
I use soft and very thin foam I buy at the Clark Rubber store over here, but you can buy at any foam store. They come in different colors but I tend to stick to white or yellow as it looks more clinical. I cut a square approx. 8cm square and place over the end of my glue brush with a small rubber band. There is always excess so I just trim off with scissors and away I go.
Have acouple at the ready before you start your makeup.
When I am using adhesive on one end I can press and powder with the other end so quickly. Just by twisting the brush around. This is great and NO time wasted. Because the foam is so cheap you can replace all the time. NB - don't use latex sponge it just doesn't work the same way as it is not air rated and doesn't hold the powder well.
Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. Happy application! Kym
Here's a pic of my 'Brush Sponge'

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lense Tech Training- coming soon

18/Nov 2009
:Update : Lense Tech Training as been organised for Sat 16th Jan 2010 from 10-3pm.
Cost : $280.00
To secure your spot call Dennis on 0407 297 282 or email dennism@focusoptics.com.au
as there are only 6 positions. Kym

Over many years I have had to apply makeups which require Contact Lenses aswell. Any actor that is required to wear lenses for a character has to go through the process of Eye checks and measure by a Optometrist before they can be cleared to wear any lense on film. This is not only a health and safety issue it is in the best interest of the production company to have this done for legal reasons.
As we would like to have an optometrist onset everyday to look after this issue it is sometimes impractical and if the budget won't allow then the next best thing is to be trained as a lense tech to standby your actor. This has been done before as I organised this for Lotr's back in '99 with a local optometrist in Wellington. Since then back in Australia the need has risen over and over again so again for 'Daybreakers' we had 10 people go through the training to cover our needs.
Focus Optics here in Brisbane where our hero's , with Bill Perryman ( many film credits of the past 30 years with lenses) and Dennis Musgrave compiled a training programme for us to do the job.
They are now organising an up todate training programme to offer to the makeup/prosthetics artists and will hopefully have this available this year.
I will keep you posted on the outcome and where and how to do. Kym

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


A question from one of my makeup friends in Italy. She is doing a new series in Europe and is in need of alot of Human Hair wigs. I have always used a company called Wigs Online and found that they not only have the wigs I need, colours and lenghts they are priced well and will deliver to me as soon as possible, which is usually the way it works as time is important. Get online and have a look www.wigsonline.com.au you will be very happy with their service. I have bought from these guys for years and have always been happy. Just remember you will have to restructure alittle as nothing comes as you really want it to be for your film or TV show. I have added fronts easily to the wigs and find them great for doubles and Stunt doubles. Most are on a machine base and can easily be re-shaped to fit your actors aswell. Adding colour is easy as they are Human Hair .This is a really fantastic alternative to custom made wigs,( however will never replace custom made wigs for BIG budget films) , not only for convience but also budget. Let me know how you go ! good luck.................... Kym

IMATS -Sydney 09

For everyone who is off to the first IMATS this side of the equator. There will be heaps to see
and heaps to learn so take it all in and write it all down.
If you have any comments or questions just post and I will be happy to help.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

TEETH -Prosthetic wizards

When I need teeth for an Actor whether creature or not I only call on
Jac Charlton and Robert Charlton. They are based in Australia , but that is not an issue as you can get them to do any job around the world.
They where responsible for making all of the teeth on upcoming Vampire film "Daybreakers"
due out in Jan 2010 . Their job was enormous as we had over 150 pairs to get on film in a very short period of time. We had Ethan Hawke, Sam Neill, Willem Dafoe along with other actors.
They all where really impressed with how easy the teeth were to' wear and talk' with. A major consideration for any actor.
Involving life casts for all the actors was as easy as getting the actor into a dental surgery for an impression where ever they where in the world at the time and delivering to Jac and Robert's studio.
WHAT CAN I SAY : ' They are the best'....... thanks Jac and Rob ............. Kym
check out Jac's website on : www.web.me.com/jac96

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Removing very sticky Prosthetic Makeup

Ah!!!!!! Removing prosaide.....the clean up process. Can be a nightmare not only for you but for the actor. The answer is eucalyptus. I remember being on LOTRs and we had to get all that prosaide off and after a 14hr+ day the thought of being in the bus for another 2 hrs just made me cry. I suggested to use wool wash as I had had the best results with it before. A discovery by accident or another film. A little resistance was meet as Prosthetic Artists had always used a Isopropal Myrisate blend as a rule. Needless to say I think we ended up buying gallons of the stuff to remove those 'pesky' hobbit feet. We added it to the foot baths for the actors and off it came in half the time. Since then I have still used it and make up my own formulars to make the removal process quick and painless for the actor. Especially now that we are using Transfers more and they are Prosaide based. These pieces are wonderful, realistic and easy to apply, but getting them off is like a pain in the butt. If you dilute some Eucalyptus Oil with either soft soap or water ...hey this works...try it. It is easy on the skin and less rubbing which is what we want if we are applying day after day and need to preserve the actors skin. Obviously avoid the eye area, as you would do with all removers.
My fav brand to buy over the counter is Martha Gardeners Wool Wash as it seems to have the best concentrate of eucalyptus................good luck!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Question from Natalie about accessories

thanks Nat for the question on 'findings'- you can have alook at Sunrise Imports at Brownsplains to
buy the backings and maybe they will have the bobby pin bases your after aswell.
If that fails try looking up local Craft suppliers in your area. Hope this helps. Kym

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just can't keep that wig on in water? A little trick for you!

A TRICK I have had to work out and now love :
I have applied alot of wigs in my career and used alot of adhesives. Everyone has a better way
and a preferred product. Thats all well and good, but when the wig is coming off and you are in the middle of the ocean or your actor is sweating like a sprinkler......reach for the MASTIX P.
Its relatively inexpensive and it is readily available from Makeup Suppliers.
It is a Kryolan product and it is clear and it works for me. Let me know if you have tried it.
Dont forget to use a damp powder puff to press down lace on the skin.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Get that CV up to date....what to add

Just starting out into the world of makeup artistry can be scary, frustrating and hard work.
Let me know your concerns and questions and I will help you get your foot in the door with
helpful hints on getting out there .
It is all about getting your name out there and not giving up if this is what you want and you have
the talent to succeed, the right training and commitment . We all started somewhere so don't
give up. Let me know your questions . Kym

Friday, July 31, 2009

Do it Yourself Extentions -Save $$$$$$$$

Ever wanted to know how to make your own hair extentions for that special occasion?
I'll give you some tips that won't break the bank and will look amazing!


Cant tell hey...I had the best teeth techs on this one

H2O Just add Water

H2O Just add Water
Making Mermaids Come to Life

Working on a Film Set

Working on a Film Set
All the answer to your questions