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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Makeup Madness - Fangoria - Dec 09

COMING SOON - Issue #289
Hi there , well I'm ageing fast as I wait for the release of 'Daybreakers'. Just when I think that I have almost forgotten the madness, I get another nodge from the past.
This January issue of Fango , is going to be a well anticipated article for me. Even though I was the Make Up/Prosthetic Supervisor on this one, there was always a little mystery to the unfolding onset madness that turns this into the most anticipated film I have done in 20 years.
I am really looking forward to seeing the CGI and practical effects mix. The brilliant world that our Production Designer created for Michael and Peter's vision.
Hey I should take this opportunity to thanks the crew I had on this one, especially the lab boys who keep the humour and craft alive and crazy. As Grant (Lehmann- Workshop Supervisor) said , 'I have never worked on something for such a short time for so little and done so much '.
( I think that was it LOL).
I totally agree and my therapist is more the richer for my experience. This will always remind me of the pressures that these guys where under everyday at our make shift workshop on the lot at Warner Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast , Australia. The amount of work we pumped out of that shed was amazing, the gallons of blood we made and the amazing hair department we had . What a brilliant job they all did. Congrats!
Hey after I read this article , I will let you know what I think, but until then I hope you will be ordering your copy for your - 'Glory Box' - LOL
www.fangoria.com only $14 a copy !
Talk soon............... Kym

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