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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I was having a discussion with regards to how many times the LIGHTING on low budget films can effect your work. There are so many times that you will be in this situation in your career as a Special Effects Makeup Artist as we don't always get to work on the 'BIG ONES' where time and talent from the DOP is priority. Ive done both so I know.

My general rule is to have the Makeup Effect 'picture ready' at any angle before stepping onset. Saying this however still requires a lighting guru to bring your makeup to life. Particularly using pieces that dont cover the entire face, the light reflects differently from skin and prosthetic. Particularly foam latex.
I would love to hear any stories about experiences of this kind as it goes on all the time.

Just a quick story from me afew years ago to get you started.
You had to be there for the impact but it was the funniest night ever in my career so far! Now that I reflect on it all these year later.
I was doing a low budget horror film and had created a wrap around neck piece for a decapitation scene with  garden shears. Now that is cool as an effect. We had the shears rigged to enter frame, neck piece primed with blood tubing, cut and ready to go. The Actor had to enter frame. WELL this neck piece was applied brilliantly, seamless for foam. Still there is prosthetic and skin right next to each other - at this point this is where you would expect your DOP to work with you. Well - here we go - it was late at night and everyone wanted to wrap and of course the effects are the last to shoot as it is messy etc. I except that.

Needless to say the work lights where better than the lighting from this jerk so I refused to shoot it till it was right. Ooooops ...down the hill came the Producer and the Director to see what was the hold up.(I think I saw actual dollar signs in the eyes of the Producer - lol)
I explained my problem and lack of respect for not allowing time to light and shoot this scene. I think I actually said that 'the work light' was better than what was being set up... oooops again. Which the DOP replied ' well your no Rick Baker'. To which I replied ' He would not work on this SHIT' and stared him down I was not moving and I was employed to do this effect and I was going to deliver!
Explaining the importance of this scene to the film the producers agreed to 'over time' and it was shot and looked great.
I must say I have not worked with that DOP again but the Producers yes, and they loved the rushes (dailies).
So many times on these shows our work is not treated with respect and the talent it deserves, its always just a hassel to deal with as we are percieved as the HOLD UP FACTOR. Well if its an effects film than deal with it everyone..........we spend alot of time creating these makeup effects before the camera EVER starts rolling.
Stay turned to my blog as I am going to upload some pictures and have some discussions! Join up as a follower and I will keep you posted. ENJOY! Let other Makeup Artists know and lets get into it!

Love to hear any stories you might have!  Makes our world crazy but never boring!    Kym

PS Hey Beauty Makeup Artists, ever thought that if the lighting was right your work would not need as much photoshop in print! Interesting.

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