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Saturday, March 20, 2010


THE QUICK AND EASY WAY TO MAKE A COOL GELATINE APPLIANCE IN THE MAKEUP BUS..........Film this pic is from : 'Seconds to Spare' - Actor was Jerome Elders.
My no frills, easy recipe to a great effect , blisters, burns, cuts , heads, body parts ,you name it. It only takes 10 mins and could save your butt.
When Gelatine first became the product to use everyone was so top secret with formulas they had come up with, or bought off technicians that it was turning into a science project. I had been using gelatine for years for different effects and was not adding all the 'magic' extras ingedients people where telling me they used.
The picture above is several generic sculpted pieces from silicone moulds I made, color and spatulated gelatine technique. If you have a one off scene then go for it, but if continuity is involved I always used  moulds.
Here's my recipe: You will need a portable stove top ( I always had a single phase, one coil stove top in the bus). In my opinion a microwave just doesnt cut it.
: a small sauce pan : measure cups : wooden spoon or spatula.
: flesh colored WATER based makeup foundation or tint.- not too much
: flocking - ie red if you have it to add to mix for intrinsic color.
The rule is 5:5:4  - if you remember this you wont go wrong.
*Thats 5 parts water, 5 parts gelatine(powder) , 4 parts glycerine
*Place water into sauce pan and gradually add the gelatine until it is dissolved (if you add TOO quickly it will go lumpy)
* Add glycerine and stir in well
* Color as needed.
As this technique is applied to 'living actors' generally ,that means their bodies are warm you need this little extra technique to keep it all together or the gelatine will eventually melt.
Your next best friend is Prosaide. Apply Prosaide to skin and dry and powder ( this will form a barrier between the gelatine piece and the body ) A technique Thom Supranant told me when he worked on 'California' in the desert .Thanks Thom.
I actually used this formula on the old age makeup I did on Scooby Doo 1-Old Man Smithers - Nicholas Hope and many more over the years.
Apply gelatine pieces, and seal with prosaide ( several layers). Powder - Color - Ready!
Have ago and add this little technique to your makeup kit for just the right scene.
I have even made full gelatine heads (slush method and back filled with 2 part polyurethane) with this technique added afew drops of pure vitamin E (natural preservative) to the gelatine mix, I still have them years later.
Let me know how you go.   Kym

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