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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Over 80% of freelance artists/technicians are NOT insured. This not only limits your job prospects it is a bad case of what the hell are you thinking.!!!
This is how it goes: If you only work for a specific production company and receive a wage, you are covered under their insurance for the duration of that contract.
If you freelance and do various jobs in a week , month or what ever, you are responsible to have your own work cover, public liability insurance.( and of course in AU - ABN)
If you DON'T - be warned - you are liable for anything that happens, goes wrong with the people you are doing Makeup on and if you have an accident you are not covered with out insurance.
So many technicians and makeup artists I have spoken to over the past year are NOT covered.
Their response is 'I cant afford it' - mmmmhh if you cant afford it then don't expect to afford the millions of dollars someone could sue you for , reaction to products, accidents with tools, etc.
Dont say 'That won't happen to me' it could happen to anyone and that is what 'Insurance' means.
The other insurance you MUST have is Income Protection, because as a freelancer if you get sick, you cant earn money, so you need to protect your possible income outcome.
I think that says it all. GET INSURANCE now if  you want to work in the freelance world!
For those who are working on low, no budget, films - if you think they have your back - think again!
Always ask, is my tip this week.
I am not going to recommend any companies as they all do different things, get on the phone or online and discuss with a professional broker to tailor make your requirements.
I am most passion about this subject and now scared with the lack of knowledge artists have about this topic out there!
If you have any advise or have a company that you would like to share with everyone please post a comment at the end of this blog. Remember we are all in this together! I will post your advise.
Thanks and insure UP!           Please.  Kym


  1. my friend and i want to make a 10 min horror flick and wanna do eye gouges, i was thinking liquid latex - any tips? much appreciated, ta.

  2. Dear Just Kaz, blood in the eye is something to be aware of. Its not good. Use eye blood, you can buy from Kryolan. If its the after look your needing, then make a piece to go over eye and then just paint inside black to look like missing eyeball cavity. I did this on 'See No Evil'.



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